Customs warehouse

The storage of goods under customs supervision on Interport premises is another of the company's core business.


External warehousing enables storing goods in the free paved warehouse area or platforms after unloading from carriages or trucks. The capacity of external warehouse area is 20 000 m2. Types of stored goods depend on their ability to be stored in the open air, which excludes storing of perishable goods, fragile goods or goods with high added value. The entire external warehouse is also the customs area, which means that it is possible to store the goods under customs control.


Internal warehousing is represented by an indoor customs warehouse. The indoor customs warehouse has an area of 2 ha and combined with a broad gauge track it is unique among transhipment stations in Slovakia. In the indoor customs warehouse it is possible to transfer mainly goods with high added value, weather sensitive goods as well as any palleted goods. INTERPORT SERVIS Ltd. owns a warranty deed, by means of which it warrants all customs goods within a specified amount. The value of the customs debt in the warehouse shall not exceed the amount of the letter of the warranty deed issued to this warehouse. The entire warehouse is insured against possible losses and damages of goods, by which IS guarantees its customers refinancing a possible loss of quality.

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