Quality Control

The aim of INTERPORT SERVIS Ltd.´s management and employees is to achieve and sustain high quality of provided services for our existing and future customers. In order to achieve this, the management of INTERPORT SERVIS Ltd. declares the following quality policy based on the strategic goals of the company:

Become a leader in providing customs declaration services in transhipment and warehousing operations and in pulling up and pulling back carriages.

The top management of INTERPORT SERVIS Ltd. in order to meet customer requirements and expectations regarding the quality of our services and in order to succeed in foreign markets undertakes, together with its employees, to build, sustain and improve the quality management system based on meeting ISO 9001:2015 requirements, so as to fully control our impact on the quality of our services. 


By adopting this policy we commit to:

  • Provide quality services at optimal prices while respecting high labour productivity.
  • Prefer a customer principle in each activity not only in the process of providing services, but also in monitoring customers´ satisfaction after meeting requirements according to the motto: „A customer is the most valuable thing we can gain or lose“.
  • Pay full regard to the provision of necessary resources in the financial, technical and personnel area.

In order to achieve the needed effect of this policy we set goals that we shall adhere to:


In the in-house area:

Goal No.1:

  • ontinuously improve the quality of provided services and meet required deadlines to increase satisfaction and thus exceed the expectations of current and future customers in order to contribute positively to the reputation of the company.

Goal No. 2:

  • Ensure the growth of the company profit by increasing performance volume at maintaining or inevitable increase of costs while improving the quality of work.

Goal No. 3:

  • In the field of personnel policy plan, motivate, implement and evaluate permanent qualification level of all employees.
  • Provide regular trainings and ensure continuous education.
  • Motivate the staff of the company by precise and objective awarding of employees to promote and sustain the high quality of work by means of suggestions for improving all the company´s activities and creating an atmosphere of trust and responsibility for business results.
  • Comply with high work ethic and pride in belonging to the company and its tradition.
  • Ensure clean and organized workplaces, plan, provide and regularly evaluate maintenance and modernization of premises, machinery, equipment and working tools.

In the area of external relations:

Goal No. 4:

  • In relation to customers prefer politeness, respectability and fairness together with expertise and thoroughness.
  • Each employee must do his/her job on a high quality level from the very beginning. Being the best means our employees are experts in their fields.

In the area of work organization and management:

Goal No. 5:

  • Establish and use statistical methods to ensure transparent evaluation of suppliers, customers, but above all, individual company´s activities.
  • Prefer the system quality for individual subjects using these methods.

Goal No. 6:

  • Implement monitoring and evaluation of quality in all areas of the company´s activities.
  • Continually improve the effectiveness of Quality management system and complete this by obtaining a certificate.